Belgian beer: Brasserie de la Senne

Belgian Beer Brasserie de la Senne

Series by Christopher Barnes. In 2010, Brasserie Cantillon lost its title as the only working brewery left in Belgium’s capital, Brussels. Brasserie de la Senne, named in honor of the historic river that runs through Brussels, officially opened their doors December 22nd, 2010. Brasserie de la Senne first came into existence when Yvan De Baets …
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Belgian beer: Brewery Het Nest

Belgian beers brouwerij het nest

Series by Christopher Barnes. While the Belgium scene is renowned for its brewing heritage and its equally storied breweries, many people assume that Belgium’s brewing culture is stuck in time. However, what many beer fans don’t know is that there is a whole new generation of innovators and new breweries joining the modern craft beer …
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