Tasting Hasselt at bistro Smaaksalon

Smaaksalon Hasselt

Hasselt profiles itself as a “City of Taste” and thus it’s only fitting that it has its own Smaaksalon or “Taste Lounge”. In this bistro/restaurant you can try out the cuisine of the Limburg region, including several typical products of Hasselt. The Smaaksalon is located in the beautiful House Corswarem, right next to the tourism office. The large room …
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Museum ship Amandine in Oostende, a.k.a. the cool Iceland trawler

Amandine Oostende

Most people visiting Oostende know about the training ship Mercator, but I think only a few people know that there’s another museum ship you can visit as well: the Iceland trawler Amandine. Because I’d known about the Mercator ever since I was little, but only found out about Amandine when I was planning my day …
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Visiting the Mercator in Oostende: a sailing ship turned museum

Mercator Oostende

  Sailing ship Mercator: a bit of history In the harbor of Oostende lies the sailing ship Mercator. She was designed by polar explorer Adrien de Gerlache and built in Schotland to make her first journey in 1932. The Mercator has served several purposes: it went on scientific expeditions all over the world, served as a …
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