A place I love: Los Angeles

Things to do in Los Angeles

My parents, brother and I spent a day in Los Angeles on a two-week trip along the west coast, but that’s not the reason I wanted to go back there because honestly, all I remember from that brief visit is that there was a mall that was open until 11 pm, getting a whole apple …
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How In-N-Out Burger saved me from constipation

how to save money on food

Say what?!? I know, I could’ve also entitled this post “In-N-Out: the best burgers ever”, or “In-N-Out: burgers I’d cross the Atlantic for”, but you would’ve have been so intrigued, now would you? But okay, I’ll be gentle and start off with an introduction on how Sylvie and I discovered In-N-Out Burger on our trip to …
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