Girona: a giant photo essay

riu ONyar Girona, Spain

I’d read so many wonderful things about Girona on blogs like Adventurous Kate and Nomadic Matt that I just had to go and visit. Girona is only half an hour by car from Figueres, where we visited the Dalí Museum, so we decided to kill two birds with one stone. After having admired the works …
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The Barcelona Aquarium: more than a plan B

Barcelona Aquarium

Boyfriend and I both love aquariums. The coolest one we’ve visited so far was the San Sebastian Aquarium. We’re fascinated by the underwater world and just can’t believe how much money is being spent on getting people in space, while we don’t even know what lives on the bottoms of our oceans just yet. We know …
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Climbing Montjuic, Barcelona

MNAC Montjuic Barcelona

On the second day of our trip we wanted to visit Montjuic, which is translated as ‘Jew Mountain’ in medieval Catalan. I hadn’t done so during my first trip to Barcelona, so this part of town was new for me as well. We could’ve taken the metro directly from near our hostel to Montjuic, but …
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