Can’t visit London without visiting Covent Garden

One of the reason I had chosen Kingsway Hall to have my first afternoon tea experience was it’s location: just a 2 minute walk from Covent Garden London.

I don’t think we’ve done one London trip without passing by this great place. I just love the lively ambiance, the stalls, shops and artists. There weren’t any artists performing outdoors when we got there (Because of the cloudy weather? Because it was 6 pm already?), but there was a band playing in the central ‘indoor’ area. They were playing vivid classical music and you could just tell they were enjoying themselves.

covent garden london


Getting that cupcake at Covent Garden

We didn’t come to Covent Garden entirely without intention, though. You see, I have this thing with cupcakes. It’s weird because I don’t enjoy cupcakes nearly as much as I enjoy chocolate, but I always want to try one when I see they’re being sold somewhere because I think they just look so good.
I’ve already told you how Marie-Eve from Eurotriptips claimed that the Sweet Couture Cake Boutique’s cupcakes are the best. Well, of course I had looked up there address and there just happened to be a Sweet Couture at Covent Garden.

covent garden london

Still full from the afternoon tea we just had (and the burgers before that, and the dumplings at Borough Market before that), I decided to get my cupcake as take-away. Which one did I have? I chose this famous red velvet cupcake.

covent garden london

You can’t see on this photo, but the cake part is red. That’s right, RED

Was it good?
Oh yeah.
I actually didn’t grow hungry for the rest of that first day, but I couldn’t resist trying my new cupcake and so I ate half of it before going to bed. At 11.30pm. Yes sir…

If you’d like to try one of Sweet Couture’s cupcakes, you can find them at 23b New Row, Covent Garden London. There’s also a Sweet Couture’s at Canary Wharf and at Selfridges on Oxford Street.


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  1. says

    I love Covent Garden. I keep ending up going back there over and over and it never disappoints. There is always something fun to see, great shops, and wonderful foods. I have not tried Sweet Couture cupcakes but you have now given me a reason to go back and try them. I have been to Primrose Bakery which is right around the corner from Covent Garden and they make wonderful cupcakes. I had a Gin and Strawberry cupcake while there and I would recommend them.

    • says

      Oh I’ve heard about Primrose but haven’t been yet! Gin and strawberry? Sounds special:-)
      Something to do next year!
      *takes her London 2014 planning, puts Primrose on it* :-)


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