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  1. Some great pictures, especially Preci, pre-dawn, beautiful!

  2. Very nice pictures. Did you think the Umbria workshop with David Noton was very worth it? How are the locations for the workshop? Did you go back to some of the locations on hour own time during the workshop weekend? There’s 1 or 2 opening for the 2013 workshop, and I’m still debating about it. Thanks.

    • Hi. Many thanks for your comments! To answer your questions: I found the workshop with David VERY worthwhile. They are very intensive but you learn so much in an ideal mix of theoretical and practical tuition. In fact, I have attended the Umbria workshop twice, in 2010 and 2012. I also attended another of David’s workshops in the Languedoc in 2011. Please be aware that 2013 is the last time the Umbrian workshops will take place.

      I did not go back to the locations on my own time DURING the workshops, just because the days are packed. It is really from before dawn until after dusk. I did go back before and after workshops however and in fact will return there end of June, beginning of July this year. There is inspiration enough for many more trips there at different times of the year.

      A personal input: I have no linkage to David Noton Photography – other than that David has become a friend, but if you do any workshop, he’s super, and so is his associate Jonathan Gooding.

      Just met both again on “Focus on Imaging” and David once again had a great pitch with new material from Burma/Myanmar and Utah (for the latter trip I gave a lot of tips wrt locations – more on this blog sometime later).

      Hope to have helped you.


  3. Lovely post and great photos. I’m much more into landscape photography but easier t do right now with the sun rising at a reasonable hour – 3:30 am does not sound like fun.

    • I think 3.30 am is great when you’re out partying, not when you have to get up already:)

      • Hi Leigh, thanks for the feedback. As bad as it may sound,there is something magic about the pre-dawn period and if you’re into landscape photography: pre-dawn is about the best time of the day to capture the best light.

        It is true that it is much easier this time of year. Just back from Senegal where I shot sunrise at 7:30 and sunset at 19:15: still in time to enjoy breakfast respectively diner right after… Shots are on my FB page…

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