Sunday Supers

Grab a seat, a drink and some finger food. Here are this week’s Sunday Supers!

1. They’re flags, made from food!

The title says it all, really. I love food, I love traveling and these are 18 National flags made from food! What more can a girl ask for? Besides a bite, of course.

2. Staying in touch while abroad – Part 1

Melissa from The Mellyboo Project is back home in Toronto after having traveled around the world for seventeen months and she’s got something on her chest. She receives invitation after invitation from friends and family who want to get together, but a lot of these people didn’t really go through a lot of effort to stay in touch with her while she was away.

3. Staying in touch while abroad – Part 2

Maybe there’s something like ‘travelers telepathy’, because the exact same day Adam from Travels of Adam published an article about how to stay in touch when traveling abroad. Melissa’s friends, you’d better gear up!

How do you keep in touch with the home front when you’re traveling? Do you feel like it’s mostly you keeping your friends and family up to date, or the other way around?

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