What are you doing on New Years Eve?

Hi there!

It’s almost 2013, but before the new year starts we still have some eating and drinking to do. At least over here, in Belgium, NYE is often celebrated by having a large diner with friends and/or family.

Boyfriend and I are going to celebrate NYE at a friend’s house. Everyone is bringing appetizers and when those are finished we’re going to have gourmet and dessert afterwards. Nothing too big this year, and I’m happy for that. You see, NYE isn’t really my thing. While Christmas is (for me, at least) about family and being together, NYE feels like a party that has to be fun, has to be huge, has to be amazing. Expectations are usually high, but not always met. On top of that, all the bars and clubs are more than full, prices are too high and everybody’s drunk before midnight.

Darn, I don’t sound like too much fun, do I?:D

Don’t get me wrong: I love a good party and I love spending time with friends, but there’s just something ‘forced’ about NYE. So if in the early first hours of 2013 our friends decide to head to Leuven city to party, we’ll probably move to another friend’s house or, heaven forbid, go to sleep.

We’ll have 264 other nights to go out and act crazy in 2013. No worries there.

I hope you enjoy your NYE and I already wish you all the best for 2013!


Now tell us, what will you doing on NYE?

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