A place I love: London

This post is the first in the contest inspired series ‘A place I love’.

Contest inspired?
That’s right. The folks at We Said Go Travel are asking us, travel bloggers, to write one to five articles within the theme ‘Inspiration: a place you love’, about places we think other people should visit as well. So I decided to go crazy and make a series out of it!

Worth a trip each year: London

The first place I think everyone should visit once is London. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that I’m recommending London, as you know it’s the scene for my annual father-daughter getaway.

My dad took me to London for the first time when I was twelve and I absolutely loved it. Some years went by before we started going there annually, but now it’s become an trip that’s not even open for discussion.

Why am I so fond of London?

Camden Lock London

© Hans Couwenbergh Photography

First of all because of the West End. I absolutely love musicals and once you’ve seen a musical in London, the other ones just don’t cut it anymore. The people performing there are true artists. They can sing, dance and act and what’s most amazing, they’s rock at all three! I’ve been lucky enough to get front and almost front seats for a couple of shows and those are really great for capturing every little switch in the actors’ expressions.

Another thing I love about London is that, although it’s an expensive city as far as lodging, food, etc. goes, there’s also tons of free stuff to do:

  • the entrance to a lot of museums and galleries is free
  • you can take a walk in one of London’s many parks
  • you can browse through one the several market places, where you can also find some less expensive lunch

London just has so much to offer that each year I find new things to do, see and visit. While planning our 2013 trip, I’ve stumbled upon so many stuff we haven’t done yet, that I just had to make a folder for 2014 as well!

Old Naval College Greenwich

© Hans Couwenbergh Photography

As far as transportation goes, my dad and I always prefer walking as much as we can, but if you really want to see the city you’re almost obliged to use the London tube from time to time. Trains come very often and will get you almost anywhere you need to be. The only downside is that you’re face might get squished between the window and another passenger during rush hour, or any other moment when it just happens to be really busy.

I could go on and on about why London is a place I love and why I think you should go there, but there’s actually one thing that, in my case, says it all: I love London despite its weather.
Those of you who know me a little better know that I hate the cold (which would be anything below 18°C) and I hate the rain. London weather is possibly even worse than Belgian weather and yet, it will never keep me from going there.

I guess it’s like Jamie Cullum sings: “You know the sunlight always shines, behind the clouds of London skies”.

Have you ever been to London? What’s your favorite place there?

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    If you happen to be passing through London between Oct 20th and Dec 5th this year, be sure to get in touch as we’ll be home then and would love to invite you over for drinks / dinner. You can read more about us @ wodara.org.


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