A home away from home in Crete

crete rental house view

  Some people don’t mind traveling from hostel dorm to hostel dorm or staying in closet-sized rooms. I do. I don’t need an enormous amount of luxury, but I do like my space. When I go on a press trip or other blog campaigns I sometimes Read Post

Driving to the pink beach, Crete

pink beach crete

I love the freedom a rental car gives you. I know, public transportation is more ecological and often also cheaper, but man does it feel good to be able to drive anywhere you want, anytime you want. You can imagine I was pretty happy when Read Post

Climbing the Acropolis in Athens, Greece

parthenon acropolis athens greece

I look over the city in amazement. All those white buildings where everyday life takes place around ancient structures that stand their ground and have done so for centuries. This is Athens. It’s a warm day. Much warmer than I’d expected it to be. I arrived in Read Post

A food tour in Chania, Crete

Chania food tour

I love to eat. Oh, do I love to eat. Strangely enough I’d never gone on a food tour before. Not until Viator gave me the opportunity to go on one while I was in Crete. Our food tour took place in the old city Read Post

Street art in Athens: a photo essay

street art athens monastiraki area

Okay, so I’ve just gotten back from Athens and that city has really amazed me – but more on that later. While I go through all of my photos and notes from the trip, I want to give you guys a taste of the street art in Read Post