Burg Hohenzollern, a castle too cold to live in

Burg Hohenzollern Germany

It was drizzling when I arrived at the parking lot of Burg Hohenzollern. I’d read that the climb up is pretty steep and so I decided to take the shuttle bus (€1.90 single, €3,10 return). Luckily, when we got there five minutes later the rain Read Post

Crafts and traditions at the Black Forest in Germany

Rombach & Haas clocks

I’ve never been good at anything crafts related. My calligraphy at school was unreadable, I was never able to color between the lines (literally) and whatever object I created turned out more a “What is it?” than anything else. Because of this, I’ve always had Read Post

Street art in Dresden Neustadt: the big bad photo essay

street art dresden neustadt

When I traveled to Dresden in February, I was struck by the difference between the clean, but a bit fake-feeling Altstadt and Neustadt, clearly a place where people live and a lot of things are happening. Altstadt may have the reconstructed buildings and more museums, Read Post