10 travel Instagram users to follow

instagram profile of migrationology

Travel and photography often go hand in hand. From tourists who snap the Eiffel Tower to wildlife photographers and bloggers illustrating their stories, people have always wanted to capture the world around them. Thanks to social media it has become very easy to share images. Instagram users, for example, can take a photo, instantly edit it and send it out …
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PoPa: The Opal Coast in France

Cliffs Opal Coast France

Guest series by Hans Couwenbergh formely titled “In search of the light” (which was obviously way too long). A while ago I told you about my affinity with the beaches of Zeeland as one of my preferred photographic escapes relatively close to home. The seaside is often attractive to us photographers and offers an ever-changing …
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All the travel resources you need to plan your own Wonderful Wandering

travel resources image

It’s been two days since I celebrated my blogaversary, but I’m still in party mood and that’s why I decided to give you a little extra. What have I done? Well, I’ve completely updated and expanded my Resources page with… extra accommodation booking sites, including apartment rental sites, couchsurfing and housesitting extra travel guides extra useful …
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